Wednesday, January 20, 2010


After finishing up at the cheese factory in Kenilworth, we hit the road to Maleny. What a beautiful drive, all that gorgeous green grass, what a sight for us Melbournians who are used to looking at dry, brown grass which has been crying out for a good rain for so many years now.

Maleny is a cute little town with lots of arty, crafty shops and some cool bars as well. We met a nice lady in the street who was searching for her dog. We helped her locate the pooch (who had the funniest overbite) and then she showed us to the Maleny Bazaar (pictured below) where artists hire studios to work and display their creations. She is a painter and she had some beautiful paintings on display - we are going to be in contact with her so that we can put some of her work on Robin Street Market so stay tuned.

These are some of the groovy things we purchased while out and about in Maleny.
Brushed Metal Pendant

"Cool Chooks Read Books" Quilted Library Bag

On the way home, Lola sat in her favourite place, sandwiched between David and I on the old bench seat.

We swung past good old "Dr Fish" to pick up some fresh seafood on the way home, but alas, he was closed, very rude of him!

We had to make do with some home-made meat burgers and lentil burgers on the bbq instead, which wasn't such a bad thing because we got to use our local mustard, cheese and chilli jam purchased at the Kenilworth Cheese Factory, YUM! And we washed that all down with some of my brother-in-law's delicious home-made wine. What a lovely way to end a fantastic day.