Monday, March 15, 2010

Competition Entry: Xintandi Market in Shanghai, China

Our favourite competition entry in the past week is this one by Margie.  It sounds very exotic and interesting, sometimes it is those local markets that you just stumble upon which leave you with the best memories.

We announce the winner of our competition on our blog next Monday morning so stay tuned!!

Xintandi Market in Shanghai China by Margie

I love markets; we discovered this awesome market in Xintandi of Shanghai. We were taken to an insect market and right opposite this was a local market. It was totally brilliant, there was a huge buzz and it was not commercial in any way. Designed for the locals, we were the only westerners in the whole place, just loved it! You can explore the most amazing antiques and interesting bazaar items.
This is a total must for anyone in Shanghai, I highly recommend it. The only thing I would suggest is to make sure you are careful getting out of the taxi as our taxi door was driven into while open. Fortunately we were not near it, actually we had no idea what was going on, the taxi man was yelling at us to close the door and sped off in a huge rush, no insurance in China apparently??
After this just go over to the insect market, a huge eye opener, I am not up to locking up the animals or animal cruelty in any way but some of them were the most amazing critters I have even seen.
I totally guarantee you will have the most interesting experience. We actually had no idea where to go, we just said to the taxi driver "Xintandi animal market" and he took us straight there (and of course the other market is right opposite). Just ask the taxi man and I guarantee they will know where to take you. Interestingly enough, China has so many more markets that we saw, just brilliant ones!