Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Restaurant Review: Mamasita in Melbourne, Australia

I have been hearing murmurings from friends about Mamasita.  I've been hearing that this is the place to go and have authentic Mexican food.  It is located at the top end of Collins St (Level 1/11) and the outside of the restaurant at street level is just a glass door which opens up to a stair case which takes you up into the restaurant.

From that description you may think that there is a chance you will miss it if you're walking past, but trust me, the crowds of people queuing to get in will attract your attention. I had heard that they don't take bookings and that you need to get there early, so last Sat night, myself, David, my brother Matt and sis-in-law Sarah arrived at 5:50pm to beat the rush (it opened at 6pm).  Well, there was a queue of about 60 people lined up waiting patiently when we arrived and by the time 6pm rolled around another 60 people were lined up behind us.

David and Matt are two of the most impatient people that I know so Sarah and I had to placate them while we waited in line (only 10 mins or so until they opened the doors smack bang on 6pm), and as we worked our way slowly up the stairs. We were seated by about 6:15pm but we were almost the last of the first lot to get seated so ended up squishing around a table meant for 3, a very cozy distance away from the next table.

By this time, the boys were getting a tad cranky and talking about how the food had better be good, blah, blah, blah and that the drinks order better not be too far away. Well, they soon cheered up because our waitress was excellent, very switched on, quick to take our order and very helpful with explaining the menu. The menu lends itself to ordering food that you can share so we just picked 6 dishes to share and before long we were gnawing on a starter of street style char-grilled corn - and what a starter it was, YUM! We feasted on fish tostaditas, quesadillas de chorizo and lamb tacos amongst other delicious dishes. The flavours were amazing, the food was fresh and well cooked, and the serves were just big enough to allow us to taste lots of dishes without getting too full. And the food came out really quickly so putting that all together, you will not be surprised to know that the boys just got happier and happier as the night progressed.

Apparently Mamasita is open until 2am and by the look of the queue as we headed down the stairs at the end of the evening they were going to be very busy all night. We had a fantastic evening and will definitely be going back - we'll probably just get there either a little earlier or much later next time.