Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Free Gift Giveaways On Feedback Fridays!!

Robin Street Market has now been up and running for nearly 9 months and we (the little Robins) are keen to find out from you whether we are delivering on our goal which is to provide you with a truly unique shopping experience - to travel the world using our world map, admire and buy unique and handmade products from the countries that you select, and to find out about the artists & crafters who made these amazing products.

So, commencing Friday 17th September until Friday 15th October, every Friday at our Nest is going to be Feedback Friday. All you have to do to be in the running to win a free gift is send us an email with your feedback about Robin Street Market.  For example:
  • tell us which product is your favourite and why;
  • tell us which is your favourite artist and why;
  • tell us about an artist or crafter who would be a good fit for Robin Street Market;
  • let us know where we should travel to next to find some more great markets and to source new artists & crafters;
  • tell us whether we are providing enough/too much information in our monthly eNews.
We are so keen to receive your feedback that we are going to give our favourite friday feedback giver each week a free gift (wow, lots of fs in that sentence!!).  We will announce the winner of Feedback Friday on this blog each week and the winner will eligible to choose anything they like from Robin Street Market up to the value of $30. 

So, put your thinking caps on and we look forward to receiving your emails on Feedback Friday - just remember the examples above are just to get you thinking - any feedback is more than welcome!