Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Unique Millinery By Linda Vydra

Japanese Saffron
We have just added some wonderful, unique millinery to our Nest - all handmade in Melbourne, Australia by Linda Vydra.  These amazing pieces are made using recycled music records (how cool is that?!) and with gorgeous, vintage fabrics, hand-sewn and folded using traditional Japanese techniques.  Completely amazing if you ask me, Linda is one creative, talented lady.  These are the first of Linda's items that we have added to our Nest so we would like to officially welcome her. 
Lily Pond
Sapphire Spiral Of Fusion
Rosie Sprial Of Fusion
And.... not only has Linda provided us with this amazing range of millinery, but she has also been nice enough to share her recipe for strawberry dumplings with us - they sound DELICIOUS!