Monday, December 6, 2010

Feature Market: Basar Under, Stockholm, Sweden

One of Robin Street Market's artists, Carolina Grönholm, told us about this week's Feature Market.  It's called Basar Under (Basar as in Bazaar), and it's held in a basement of a mall.  We think it sounds AMAZING and can't wait to get there to have a look for ourselves.  Thank you so much to Gabrielle and Melina (the lovely ladies who organise this unique market) for supplying us with this information and photos.

A Bit About Basar Under by Gabriella and Melina
Basar Under is an alternative market with a focus on uniqueness. The market is located in a basement of a mall on Södermalm in Stockholm and we feel like we represent everything that the mall is not. We do not believe in mass production or buying clothes made by people on the other side of the world in poor working conditions. And why would you want to look like everyone else buying things from big chains like H&M? At Basar Under you can find vintage clothes and furniture and also crafts, clothes, jewellery made by local designers, hand sewn velvet tights, russian hats, clocks and prints made by the most creative people in Stockholm. You do not need to be an established designer to sell your stuff at Basar Under. Everyone is welcome to show and sell their makings!
We also have an unestablished musician or band that plays every Saturday at 2pm and an art exhibition. There are homemade and organic cinnamon buns and chocolate balls (both a Swedish speciality), organic coffee and some couches to hang out on. It is not just a market but a place to hang out, look at art and listen to music. We also have special events every now and then like, fashion shows, stand-up comedy etc.
The market is run by Gabriella Björklund and Melina Bergström. We are full-time students at the same time as we do the market. It is a lot of work and stressful at times but it is totally worth it because we love it! We run the market with love. The most important thing is for everyone to have a nice time and have fun together, the vendors included!
The market is open every Saturday from 11am to 6pm (11:00-18:00), but in December we are open Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 6pm (11:00-18:00).  The market is open from September through to December and from March to May.  Nobody wants to be in a basement in Summer and in January and February no one wants to shop and also we need to have some time off :))

Address: Skrapan (1 floor down), Götgatan 78, Stockholm