Thursday, January 20, 2011

Robins Head South

Well, our annual trip to our adopted state of Queensland is over. Our hearts have been breaking watching all the suffering that people are going through with the awful floods in Queensland, NSW and in our home state of Victoria. Our thoughts are with everyone that has been affected and also to people impacted by the fires over in Western Australia.

We packed up the car with our belongings and our lovely pooch Lola in early January and headed South for the 23 hour drive home.  We have grown to enjoy the drive and use it as an excuse to take in the sights of our sensational country.

Parkes hosts an annual Elvis birthday celebration, so seeing as David is a huge Elvis fan we decided to stop in and check it out.  We spotted this amazing Cadillac with an equally amazing, retro caravan attached.  We seriously considered jumping behind the wheel and driving off in it but we thought the better of it and decided to just take a photo instead.
We met some cows along the way.  And we thought there was something quite superb about this particular cow who was just chilling out by the side of the road.

Plenty of quirky buildings and residences to look at in some of the interesting small towns that we drive through.
Lola is always such an absolute legend throughout the long drive, so we reward her with a special treat every now and then - and when we spotted this lake we knew what her next treat would be.
One very happy pooch after a well deserved dip.
We saw a lot of this on the way home.
And these...
Great tree.
Big sigh. We love you Qld (we really, really do) but we always miss our good old Vic while we are away.