Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Canadian Market Showcase: The Bastion Square Public Markets

via Bastion Square Public Market
To continue our celebration of Canada (being our current Country Of The Month), we thought we would showcase one of their fantastic markets.  Bastion Square is located in the heart of beautiful downtown Victoria, British Columbia and is the original site of old Fort Victoria.  For the past nineteen years, Bastion Square has been home to the colourful, open-air Bastion Square Public Market. The Bastion Square Public Market is open during the day on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from May until September. The Bastion Square Sunday Market (which also features a fabulous farmer’s market) is open on Sundays during the same time frame.

The Hudson’s Bay Company first built Fort Victoria as a secondary trading post in 1843; however, in 1846 Fort Victoria became a primary trading post which resulted in an expansion and the building of what is now known as Bastion Square. From a fur trading post to a hot-spot for Gold Rush workers, Bastion Square evolved as its surrounding population grew and thrived. This important heritage site is now home to many of the oldest buildings and landmark structures in the city.

Today, this spectacular heritage site is a seasonal home to an array of local artists. This year’s weekday vendors include artists that produce and sell stainless steel spoon and fork jewelry, seaweed pressings and prints, woodwork, alpaca knits, leather-crafted items, and moccasins – just to name a few! This year’s Sunday market vendors carry items such as wheel-thrown pottery, whimsical hand-made cards, monster plushies handcrafted from up-cycled wool sweaters, as well as a variety of glass creations.  You are sure to stumble upon something fantastic and unique when you visit the Bastion Square Markets!

With an incredibly interesting historical past, Bastion Square once held a jail, gallows and a brothel! Today this vibrant area is a social and cultural hub of historic downtown Victoria. You can spend your day soaking in the historical splendor of this location as you watch local artisans as they create or just sit back and enjoy the market atmosphere at one of the many local outdoor cafes.  Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day...
Image courtesy of City Of Victoria Website
via City of Victoria
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