Thursday, July 24, 2014

Swedish Artist Showcase: Carolina Grönholm

Today we are featuring one of our fabulous Robin Street Market artists, and in keeping with the Country of the Month theme we’ve chosen Carolina Grönholm of Sweden!

Carolina is a freelance illustrator and multidisciplinary artist based in Sweden, where she lives “amongst deep fairy tale forests and big cuddly bears.” Her sweet, dreamy illustrations have pulled at our heartstrings for some time now!

Recently, we were able to pick Carolina’s brain about her art and creative inspirations.

Why art?

Art has always been a big part of my life. My family has always been inventive and creative in so many fields; it makes it so natural for me to keep creating.

What work do you most enjoy creating? Why?

Illustrating is the one true love that stays with me. Animating is a new found love and the two combining is a keeper. They go so well together! 

What inspires you?

Everything really, but I can see a pattern of all dreamy things in landscape drawing, animals and memories from my childhood.

Describe your creative process. How do you go about creating your works?

I often start with an idea that turns into a whole story within one picture. The first stage is the most scattered but also the most fun, with its creative chaos. After that I either start producing simple drawings with pen on paper or directly on my tablet in Photoshop or Illustrator. From there I build on my first concept to completion either as an illustration or an animation. 

Many of your works feature sweet, four-legged creatures. Do you have a favourite animal?

Cats! But really, I love all animals.

Where is your favourite (or most inspirational) place?       

I really get inspired when I’m out in the woods and travelling. Another inspiration is music - the lyrics, the feeling and the artists. 

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

"Dare to show your work to people”. 

What is your dream project?

To work alongside a musician, band or label by creating artwork and videos. 

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Why?

Time-travelling? Imagine meeting people and places that inspired you through the years! 

What do you do when you’re not creating art?

I’m not sure I ever take time off creating. When I cook I spice things up after how I feel at the moment and when I watch a movie I crochet blankets. I guess cuddling with my cat is not creating art, so that gives a creative pause in some way. 

Don’t forget to stop by and admire Carolina’s work in the Robin Street Market and on her website, Carolina Grönholm.  Even better still – this month we are giving away three of Carolina's prints! Pop over here for more details.