Friday, October 31, 2014

Weekly Market Round-Up: November 1-2

via Flickr by Julie Anne Johnson
Happy Friday! As the work week winds down, we look forward to some local and international markets to enjoy over the weekend. Here are some details of various markets in different places around the world to put in the books for November 1st and 2nd.

Saturday, November 1st

Aireys Inlet Market
9AM-1PM, Aireys Inlet, Melbourne, Australia

Durbanville Craft Market
8:30AM-2PM, Rust-en-Vrede Estate, South Africa

Ipswich Christmas Crafts and Food Fair
10AM-4PM, Suffolk Showground, Suffolk, England

Neston Crafty Market
10AM-3PM, Neston Town Hall, Merseyside, England

New Brighton Seaside Market
10AM-2PM, New Brighton Pedestrian Market, Christchurch, New Zealand

Weaverville Fall Art Safari
10AM-6pm, Select Artists' Studios, Weaverville, North Carolina, USA

via Flickr by Graeme Churchard

Sunday, November 2nd

Ipswich Christmas Crafts and Food Fair
10AM-4PM, Suffolk Showground, England

Kelowna's Fall Fashion Flea Market
10AM-3PM, Parkinson Recreation Centre, Kelowna, Canada

Shabby Chic Market Day
11AM-3PM, Rochester Villa, Christchurch, New Zealand

Weaverville Fall Art Safari
10AM-6pm, Select Artists' Studios, Weaverville, North Carolina, USA

via Flickr by Nani Puspasari
Are you planning on visiting any craft markets this weekend? Let us know in the comments below so we can add them to our list.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

South African Feature Artist Organisation: Wola Nani

To finish our virtual tour of South Africa we are very excited to feature the South African organisation, Wola Nani. Not only is this organisation
Shwe papier-mâché bowl by Wola Nani
providing an exceptional framework for those in need of help, but their crafters are also creating absolutely stunning hand-made works!

Translated from Xhosa to English, Wola Nani means “we embrace and develop one another,” and there truly couldn’t be a more apt name for this wonderful organisation. Wola Nani was founded in 1994 by human rights activist, Gary Lamont, with the intention of helping people from very poor communities within the Western Cape living with HIV and AIDS. Lamont spokeof the initial need for Wola Nani:
“We wanted to open the door for a bit more justice to come in. After the 1994 elections HIV became the issue. [...] But for South African black women and children, they had nothing. They were poor, illiterate, lacked transport and had no real community in the townships as they had come from rural areas. They were nowhere near having ‘a voice’. We wanted to provide services for those who couldn’t help themselves. It was a physical expression of the new South Africa. We were on a roll from the end of apartheid – altruistic, energetic and full of ideas.” 
Wola Nani is now celebrating their 20th anniversary, which makes them one of the oldest non-governmental organisations in Cape Town to consistently provide assistance to in-need women and children of the area. The beautiful thing about this organisation is that it allows these women and children from very poor communities living with HIV and AIDS the opportunity to provide shelter and education, as well as the technical expertise, which helps in the exporting of Wola Nani’s creative products.

Wola Nani’s crafters produce a wide range of exceptional and lovingly crafted hand-made products, from recycled papier-mâché bowls to intricate beadwork and recycled paper jewelry. Be sure to check out our full range over at Robin Street Market!
Papier-mâché bin by Wola Nani

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

1 Ingredient, 5 Ways: Lemon Grass

We’re all for experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes and interesting ingredients, but we hate when half used ingredients end up neglected and forgotten. It just seems such a shame when something with the potential to be delicious and nourishing ends up living out the remainder of its limited shelf life at the back of the fridge!  So, our "1 ingredient, 5 ways" blogs will hopefully help to ensure that every little bit of these ingredients end up on our plate!  Starting with... lemon grass!

via Flickr by whologwhy

Also known as cymbopogon, lemon grass is native to Africa and Asia. While it is often used for flavouring, there is also some modern research that suggests that lemon grass may also have some significant health benefits such as:

  • Source of antioxidants
  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Effective sleep aid
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Little Ferraro Kitchen’s Lemon Grass Chicken Coconut Curry

This easy-to-modify curry recipe is built upon fabulous base flavours of coconut, garlic, ginger, curry powder, garam masala, turmeric, and (our star ingredient) lemon grass.

Photo by the Little Ferraro Kitchen

Click here for the full recipe by Little Ferraro Kitchen.


 A Zesty Bite’s Pan Seared Salmon in Spiced Coconut Milk

With a flavour profile of garlic, coriander, coconut and lemon grass, this easy-peasy salmon recipe will impress even the pickiest of eaters.

Photo by A Zesty Bite

Click here for the full recipe (and beautifully rustic photos) by A Zesty Bite.

Season with Spice’s Spicy Asian Noodle Salad

Don’t like tofu? Switch it up with sautéed beef, shrimp or chicken! This light, delicious recipe makes it easy to change ingredients to suit your taste and current kitchen stock.

Photo by Season with Spice

Find the full recipe here for Season with Spice’s Spicy Asian Noodle Salad.


A Cup of Mai’s Chicken and Rice Soup with Lemon Grass

Here we have classic chicken soup with a twist – think of this as the fancy adult upgrade to our wintery favourite. The chillies will give this soup a bit of a kick while the ginger, garlic, chicken and lemon grass soothe and comfort on the dampest of days.

Photo by A Cup of Mai

Click here for the full recipe by A Cup of Mai.


 Apartment 34’s Peach, Rosemary and Lemon Grass Infused Cocktail

A little sweet, a little fruity, but most definitely a grown-up cocktail – what’s not to love? The rosemary and lemon grass infusion shakes up this standard pour and mix cocktail.

Photo by Apartment 34

Click here for Apartment 34’s Peach Cocktail and Rosemary and Lemon Grass infused simple syrup.

Monday, October 27, 2014

South African Market Showcase: We Couldn't Choose Just One!

As you may well know, here at Robin Street Market we love a good market. They offer the perfect place to sample local cuisine, browse local handcrafted items and take in the cultural atmosphere of the area. South Africa is home to many flea markets so we’ve decided to showcase a handful of the most popular ones in the country. With so many great options it was quite difficult to decide, but we finally settled on the Panorama Flea Market, the Green Point Flea Market and the Hillfox Flea Market. Read on to learn more!

Panorama Flea Market 

Located in Mulbarton, the Panorama Flea Market is the busiest in the south of Johannesburg. With almost 400 stalls and regular live entertainment, this particular market repeatedly draws a good-sized crowd. The market’s history spans 22 years and is now known as one of the top markets to visit whether you are in search of clothing, jewellery or an exceptional variety of food stalls.

There’s plenty of time to visit this market, since it’s open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 9am to 4pm. And for those with little ones in tow the Panorama Flea Market also has a Kids Zone, which provides adult supervised entertainment at a minimal cost. Fun for kids, shopping for the adults – there’s something for everyone!

via Panorama Flea Market

Green Point Flea Market

Held at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, this market is about the same size as the Panorama Flea Market. Green Point Flea Market is open on Sundays and public holidays from 8:30am to 5pm.

The vendors at this market carry a wide range of clothing, electronic goods, antiques, and bric-a-brac, but what makes this market a stand-out is its selection of second hand books (apparently it is not uncommon to find first and second edition classics!) The food vendors are also rumoured to be pretty spectacular. You can find anything from local South African dishes to traditional Dutch street cuisine!

via Green Point Flea Market

Hillfox Flea Market

Known for its great bargain buys, the Hillfox Flea Market is held in the Johannesburg suburb of Roodepoort. This market is smaller than Green Point and Panorama, as it only hosts about 250 stalls, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in stellar deals. The vendors also provide a great selection of wares – you should be able to find everything from well-known brands to locally handcrafted items.

Hillfox is open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, and holds regular free Sunday concerts. The relaxed atmosphere and great selection of live entertainment are big draws to both locals and tourists. Sounds like a great place to spend some time!

via JHB Live

Have you visited any of these markets before? Or know of any other great markets in South Africa?  Let us know in the comments below.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Cute Crafty Things: Mamie Jane's Kitchen Tablet Holder

Call us crazy, but there are few things more satisfying than a fabulous DIY project that looks posh and costs next to nothing. Agreed?

This thought brings us to our next crafty post. This DIY project was originally blogged about over at Mamie Jane’s. Jane mentions that she was inspired by a Pottery Barn item (originally listed for $34.50 USD) and made her own version for $2. What a bargain!

Here's the original Pottery Barn inspiration...

Photo via Pottery Barn
...and here is Mamie Jane's version.

Photo by Mamie Jane
Can you believe that a cutting board, a Scrabble tile holder and a child’s building block could result in something so sweet? And it serves the very practical purpose of keeping the tablet off the counter and out of the way.

Check out the full DIY tutorial (complete with step-by-step photos) over at Mamie Jane’s.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

South African Showcase: Arts Alive International Festival

Next up on our virtual tour of South Africa, we are off to the City of Johannesburg at the annual Arts Alive International Festival, which celebrates local and international theater, dance, music, visual art and entertainment. The 10-day festival is held at various venues throughout the city and is known to draw in large audiences with its unique programming mixture of high-profile performers and relatively unknown artists.

via Flickr by Chris Eason 
Founded by Christopher Till in 1992, this festival was established as an “acknowledgement of the important role that the arts play in democratizing a city and redressing the inequities of the past.”  The 2014 program ran from August 31st to September 10th, and marked the 22nd season of the festival. This year’s festival focussed on “20 Years of Democracy,” which provided a solid framework for featured productions with themes of freedom, reconciliation and diversity taking center stage.

A few of the “not-to-be-missed” programs from this past season included Divas in Democracy, Mating Birds, Speak the Mind, and Lonely Together. From beat poetry to dance collaborations, Macmillan Silver Pen Prize plays to fabulous jazz concerts, the Arts Alive International Festival has it all. As Cllr. Chris Vondo, Member of the Mayoral Committee for Community Development for the City of Johannesburg so succinctly puts it:
“The Johannesburg Arts Alive International Festival confirms Johannesburg’s position as South Africa’s cultural capital and a city that can host world-class events that are accessible to all communities.”

Have you ever attended the Arts Alive International Festival? If so, we’d love to hear from you about your experience!