Friday, November 28, 2014

Weekly Market Round-Up: November 29-30

Just a friendly reminder that there are 26 days left until Christmas! Don’t worry still have plenty of time to snag some sweet hand-made merchandise at upcoming seasonal markets.

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Here are our top picks for craft fairs and markets this weekend:

Saturday, November 29th  

10AM-4PM, Port Macquarie Racecourse, Australia

10AM-4PM, Ashby, England

10AM-4PM, Strathcona County, Alberta, Canada

10:30AM-9:30PM, Millennium Square, Leeds, England

9AM-5PM, Orewa Surf Life Saving Club, Auckland, New Zealand

9AM-4PM, Reid Park, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.

10AM-4PM, Lincolnshire Showground, England

11AM-10PM, Spandauer Altstadt, Berlin, Germany

10AM-5PM, Cloverdale Fair Grounds, Surrey, B.C. Canada

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Sunday, November 30th

10AM-3PM, Port Macquarie Racecourse, Australia

1PM-4PM, Strathcona County, Alberta, Canada

10:30AM-6:30PM, Millennium Square, Leeds, England

9AM-5PM, Orewa Surf Life Saving Club, Auckland, New Zealand

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9AM-4PM, Reid Park, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.

10AM-4PM, Lincolnshire Showground, England

10AM-3PM, Macclesfield Market Place, Cheshire, England

10AM-4PM, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

11AM-8PM, Spandauer Altstadt, Berlin, Germany

10AM-5PM, Cloverdale Fair Grounds, Surrey, B.C. Canada

Are you planning on visiting any craft markets this weekend? Let us know in the comments below so we can add them to our list.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Italian Market Round-Up: Our Top Five Picks

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Shopping is fantastic part of the travelling experience and there is no finer way to feel fully immersed in the culture of a country than by visiting street markets. It’s a practical way to gather groceries if you’re in the mood for a home cooked meal, but it also gives you a chance to meet and interact with locals.

Today we’ve picked five awesome Italian markets for our readers. Whether you’re looking for fresh produce or a lace handkerchief, we have you taken care of!

Food Markets

Rialto Fish Market, Venice

This particular market is one of the oldest in Europe. The Rialto Fish Market first moved to its current area on Campo della Pescaria at the end of the 11th century, which makes this market almost 1000 years old! Make sure to go early in the day for the freshest catch.

Porta Palazzo, Turin

This market is one of the largest open-air food markets in Europe; cheese, vegetables, fruit, meat and fish are just a few of the many, many items that can be found at this market. There are also some clothing and small accessories stalls, but the main event is most definitely the vast selection of food.

via Flickr by Fulvio Spada
Flea Markets

Fiera Antiquaria di Arezzo, Tuscany

This particular market might just be the biggest antiques market in the country. This market regularly draws over 500 antiques stalls which spread across Piazza Grande, so you can buy pretty much everything from a pair of doors to delicate jewellery.

via Flickr by Monica Arellano-Ongpin
Mercatone dell’Antiquariato, Naviglio Grande

This market is held on the last Sunday of every month and offers a great selection of authentic antiques, fun accessories and even some modern furniture. While the quality of merchandise can be variable, the variety is quite remarkable as this market regularly draws over 380 vendors.

Sanremo Antiqua, Sanremo

This antiques market means business – it only allows certified vendors to set up shop! Sanremo Antiqua is one of the most famous antiques markets in Italy, it’s definitely the one that serious buyers gravitate towards.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cute Crafty Things: Tattered Style's Framed Recipes

There's something so special about hand-written recipes, especially those that have been passed down through the family. They are something to be treasured and cared for, but that often entails keeping them far away from the kitchen and tucked safely away out of harm's way.

Photo by Tattered Style

What if there was a way that your recipes could be preserved, as well as easy to find and use? Dana of Tattered Style came up with a lovely project that preserves and displays her Nana's treasured recipes.

This project requires only a few household tools and products:

Photo by Tattered Style
The final result is, as Dana puts it "perfectly imperfect."

Sweet and simple...we love it!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Italian Museum Showcase: Vatican Museums

We really can’t take a virtual tour of Italy without writing about the incredible Vatican Museums in Vatican City. Previously mentioned in our Italian Fun Facts post, Vatican City is the smallest recognised independent state in the world; however, it also houses one of the most prolific art collections in existence.

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The Vatican Museums began as a group of sculptures collected by Pope Julius II (1503-1513), but the collection has since grown immensely. It is now a series of many different pontifical museums and galleries. Of course, some of the most monumental works in the Vatican Museums include the Sistine Chapel, the Chapel of Beato Angelico, the Borgia Apartment, and Raphael's Rooms; however, there are also many other works to be viewed such as tapestries from the 15th and 17th centuries as well as significant archaeological items from Etrusca and Egypt (just to name a few!).  

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As a visitor of the museums, you have a array of different viewing options. There are of variety of area-specific guided tours offered through the museum, such as the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Gardens, and the Hidden Vatican Museums. It is also possible (upon request) to organize private visits of the museum after closing hours. And of course, you can always embark on a self-guided tour!

Also not to be missed are the beautiful courtyards of the Vatican City. The original courtyard was created in 1279, when Pope Nicholas III (1277-1280) moved back to the Vatican from the Lateran Palace. Since that time there have been many large additions to the gardens, which now cover almost half of the Vatican City’s 110 acres!

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Have you ever visited the Vatican Museums? Tell us what you enjoyed most about your trip in the comments below!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

2014 Christmas Hamper Giveaway

Wow, 12 months have passed by already which means that it is time again for our fabulous Christmas Hamper Giveaway!  The prizes that make up the Christmas Hamper are listed below - over $600 worth of gorgeous, handmade delights from countries far and wide!!

Here's how it works.   All you need to do to enter is to sign up to our mailing list and leave a comment at this blog telling us which are your favourite 3 gifts in the hamper (they are all pictured below).  You can sign up to our mailing list by either popping over to our home page (bottom left) or via the "Get Updates!" button on our Facebook page.

There will be 6 winners drawn at random and we will do our best to ensure each winner receives their 3 nominated gifts so choose wisely!

If you are an existing eNews customer, don't worry, you don't miss out, you will receive an eNews in your inbox with instructions on how you can enter.

Best of luck, the giveaway closes at midnight on Friday 12th December 2014 and the winner will be drawn at random and announced on this blog on Saturday 13th December.
Red Silk Handbag (Australia) $85
Triple Ring Belt (Netherlands) $24
Viola Brooch (Greece) $106
Retro Handkerchief (Australia) $9

iPad Pouch (Thailand) $45
Phone Pouch (Australia) $20
Clutch & Makeup Bag (New Zealand) $38
Butterflies Footless Tights (Australia) $39.95
Children's Apron (Australia) $30
Wooden Vegetable Set (USA) $32
Bish Bash Bosh Teatowel (Scotland) $12
Nishijin Silk Cardholder (Japan) $30
The Tale by David Cosma (Australia) $10
Olive Bracelet (England) $35
Magnet Set (Australia) $14
Kangaroo Christmas Card (Australia) $5.95
Barcelona Notecard Set (USA) $21
Rice Bag Toiletry Bag (Cambodia) $26
Cushion Cover (India) $39
Two Bumblebees Print (Sweden) $14
Cotton & Linen Clutch (Norway) $43