Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Celebrating Spanish Culture: 4 Festive Fiestas

Do you like to party? Because...we do! You can’t visit Spain without experiencing at least one Spanish fiesta! 

That’s right, the Spaniards definitely know how to throw a party! In fact, it’s quite likely that there’s a festival happening on either a local, regional or national level during each and every day of the year!

We’ve decided to give you the scoop on four of the most popular annual festivals in Spain.


In terms of extravagance and over-the-top fun, the Spanish Carnival atmosphere is only second to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. This celebration lasts for several days, so if you stop in for the festivities you are sure to experience parades, music, fun political parodies, and elaborate costumes.

via Flickr by Isidre Monreal
When: At the end of February, during the few days leading up to Lent.
Where: This is a National festival, although Cadiz and Tenerife are especially famous for their festivities.

San Fermin

Of course we can’t talk about Spanish festivals and not mention San Fermin. This is also known as Running with the Bulls and draws thousands of spectators and participants each year from all over the world. Every morning during the festival at 8AM sharp the world’s bravest, craziest and most daring run in front of a group of angry bulls.  The running only lasts about 30 minutes as the kick-start to the rest of the day’s partying.

via Flickr by Chris
When: Early July
Where: Pamplona, which is the capital city of Navarra

Festa Major de Gràcia

This week long festival held in the small community of Gràcia is a fun collaboration between attendees and locals. The residents of Gràcia work for many months prior to the festival to create beautiful handmade decorations that hang in the streets. Long tables are set up during the day for attendees to enjoy lunch and board games, while at night everyone enjoys outdoor concerts and lots of food!

via Flickr by Jaume Meneses
When: Approx. August 15th – 21st
Where: Barcelona

La Tomatina

While the origins of this festival are unknown, nobody really cares! This festival is just a great excuse to participate in what is perhaps the world’s largest, most fun, messiest food fight. There are no winners in this fight...it’s just a really fun chance to throw overripe tomatoes at friends, family and complete strangers!

via Flickr by Graham McLellan
When: 4th Wednesday in August
Where: Buñol, outside of Valencia