Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fun Food Creations: Jacon Mecier Puts Food All Over Celebrity Faces

We're always on the lookout for intriguing food creations...and boy do we have some good ones for you today!

Jason Mecier is a clever (and rather cheeky) mosaic portrait artist that likes to play with his food...and faces - specifically the faces of celebrities. Whether it's Rachael Ray or Barack Obama, Mecier thinks up clever ways to depict the faces of celebrities and pop icons. As his biography says:
"While his artwork may fool the eye, there's no fooling about his artwork - no gimmicks...no trick shots...no studio touch ups. They are one of a kind hand-crafted mosaics Mecier has created with painstaking care."
While his food portraits caught our eye, Mecier also works with junk, candy, beans, yarn and other miscellaneous objects. Definitely check out his gallery to view his impressive collection of works.

Drumroll please! Here are a few of our favourite food masterpieces:

Kevin Bacon (made out of bacon!)

Barack ObaMEAT

Rachael Ray

Jerry Seinfeld (made out of breakfast cereal)

All photos by Jason Mecier.