Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cute, Crafty Things: Colourful Crocheted Rug

All right...this is a bigger project than some of our other cute, crafty things. But look at how cool this rug looks! And even cooler is the fact that it's made out of recycled jersey t-shirt yarn.

This project kills two birds with one stone: 1) you get an awesome new rug for your bedroom/office/living room/etc. and 2) you use up those old neglected t-shirts in the back of your dresser. This is what most people would call 'winning.'

Photo by ludivineem
The original post by ludivineem is in French but you'll get the general idea from her fantastic photos. If you're worried about the crocheting, don't. Crocheting is not overly challenging and you're basically just working in rows for this project so that makes it even easier!

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