Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Top Food Markets of the World: Kreta Ayer Wet Market

Up next in our Top Food Markets of the World Series is number 6 on National Geographic’s list – the Kreta Ayer Wet Market.

Located in Singapore’s Chinatown region, this market is said to be bursting with all sorts of eats and treats. It’s no wonder that this market is popular among locals and tourists - you are able to find everything from live frogs to standard Asian vegetables!

via Flickr by Khalzuri Yazid
The Kreta Ayer Wet Market is renowned for its fact, it’s even alluded to in the market name! “Wet Market” refers to the practice of regularly hosing down the floors. This particular market actually has a long history of being a little damp; Kreta Ayer actually refers to the oxen carts that were once used to bring water to the market!

Kreta Ayer Wet Market

Location: Chinatown, Singapore at the corner of Kreta Ayer and Keong Siak Road

Operating Hours: Daily from 6AM to 1PM

Where Should I Go?

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Begin by perusing the many fish and vegetable stalls – if you’re feeling adventurous or in the mood to cook, then definitely pick up some ingredients to get you started in the kitchen. However, if the thought of purchasing live seafood makes your stomach turn (’s not for everyone!) you might be better off visiting the food court on the upper level. This particular food court specialises in a wide variety of local dishes, so take your pick!

What Visitors Are Saying:

“A great place to observe and browse the local culture of Singapore.” – 
“Chinatown is a must do when you go to Singapore, allow plenty of time to stroll around the markets/shops/eateries.” – anthea1004 
“Don’t miss the chilli crab and Hainan chicken Rice.” – 
“Singapore’s Chinatown is a cacophony of different flavors, colors, and sounds, but in a good way. It is kept amazingly clean, and given the Singaporean obsession with cleanliness, that is a good thing.” – slaintenh 
“If you enjoy markets that are busying with colour and everything under the sun this definitely is a must. Eateries by the dozen, all serving great food at reasonable prices. [...] On the cultural side, do gaze up and admire the wonderful old buildings that are lovingly cared for.” – David T

The Bottom Line

If you feel like living life on the wild side, check out the live frogs, snakes, eels, turtles, and preserved eggs (yes, these are for cooking!). Don’t worry though, there is an abundance of more mainstream seafood and produce to choose from as well. Make sure to check out the surrounding area as well – there are many historically and culturally significant landmarks to visit, such as some of the local temples.

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Have you visited the Kreta Ayer Wet Market before? We’d love to hear about your experience (and what you bought!) in the comments below.